If you love honest parenting and other random things you’ll feel right at home here.

I’m Ayse, it’s prounced ‘eye-sha’ for anyone that was wondering, I’m a mum of one and still getting my head around it all! We moved to Wales from London when I was pregnant and I made the choice to not go back to work after having pops… something I thought I’d never do growing up. I love mooching around charity shops and car boot sales and love to do crafty things, although my skill level doesn’t match my ambition!


Lily or pops/bug, the boss… or so it seems sometimes! She turns the big TWO in July which I’m not prepared for. She loves Alvinnn and the chipmunks (too much) masha and the bear, wallykazam and recently doc mcstuffins. She’s loves fruit and vegetables (we’ve been really lucky) loving, kind, considerate and a bit nuts.


The man of the house. He works for primark (10% discount ONLY for two weeks at Christmas) he loves football, playstation and eating noodles. He’s a giant child really! He’s the lighthearted spontaneous to my planning over thinking.


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