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It’s so easy being a stay at home parent isn’t it?

It’s really rare that MM or I go out with friends now so when he comes home and tells me he’s got something planned I’m mostly happy he’s getting to spend time with his friends outside of work but a little sad that it’s another night I’m home doing bedtime by myself and watching TV alone trying to persuade myself to get up and tiny (haha)

MM come home and said he’d been invited to a meal before the party he wasn’t going to, he hadn’t actually said he was going so I asked and he I instantly responded with a yes, he doesn’t get to go out with friends much (not that he’s not allowed) so wants to make the most of it.


“I get it. I wish I got to go out with my friends more” – I made the mistake of Saying.


His reply – “You do , every Tuesday” 


Tuesday is the day I take Pops to Little beans (not for a while because of naps though) 


I couldn’t believe it. Playgroup is me going out with friends! Yes, I see my friends but in the same way he sees his while working.


Are you a stay at home parent and ever been told something similar by your partner or Anyone else?


I wish being a stay at home parent was as easy as people seem to think it is, don’t you? 
Until the next post,

Are and Pops.


2 thoughts on “It’s so easy being a stay at home parent isn’t it?

  1. I totally get you. My husband who works very hard for all we have goes our motorbike riding frequently, at least once month it the forecast until end of November is so far 2 full weekends plus a 4 day trip. I don’t even get my hair done when kids are at school!
    Anyway .., what’s there to do about it?


  2. I know exactly how you feel. My partner works long hours all week then goes on fishing overnight trips at least twice every six weeks so basically he’s hardly ever around to look after the kiddies while I do anything. I get that he works hard and deserves a treat but so do us mummies 🙂


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