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Playbrush review and giveaway.

Do you feeling you’ve tried everything to get your child/children to brush their teeth?

I came across the Playbrush a few months ago and instantly loved the idea. I’ve seen first hand what can happen when kids don’t brush their teeth and it’s heartbreaking. Anything that can make brushing fun whilst at the same time teaching correct technique is amazing. 

Most parents will agree that the new generation are ruled by their technology and try to encourage them to do other things but the Playbrush makers have cleverly designed something that works with and takes advantage of technology crazed kids (or even adults) 


The Playbrush is not actually a brush but a tool, it is a small silicone attachment that fits onto the bottom of most toothbrushes (it won’t fit on wide bottom brushes) it connects to the phone/tablet via Bluetooth and has a number of apps you can download for free to brush along with.


The concept of the Playbrush is great and because it’s an attachment it can actually be used by more than one person, just remember to sign into your own name on the app so your scores are registered to you!

The apps themselves have a leaderboard and achievements so will keep kids (and adults) going to achieve more and get the best scores they can.
I can’t wait to see what else Playbrush do in regards to apps and games as there are so many possibilities!

For more In depth information head over to Playbrush and to win one (in pink or blue) enter the rafflecopter below But If you can’t wait however they actually have an amazing sale here

Until the next post,

Are and pops.


We were sent out Playbrush for the purpose of the review but all opinions are our own.


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