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Num noms wacky bakers- home made Cali Roll.

​Have you ever looked at a num nom and wanted to recreate it’s yummy – ness in real life? 
We love sushi so when we saw the adorable Cali Roll Num I knew we had to try it out and make our own!

The things you will need are ;

Sushi rice 

Nori (seaweed) sheets


**Black sesame seeds/onion seeds 

Red pepper (or anything else you want to use)

Bamboo rolling mat- not sure what you could substitute it for.

Cook the sushi rice, my packet said 250 ml water per 100g rice but packets may vary (I messed mine up a bit too, didn’t do too much damage as it’s meant to be a bit sticky)

Lay the bamboo mat flat and add your Nori sheet, start adding your rice over about 3/4 of the sheet and add your red Pepper (or other ingredients) centrally in a line…then you’re ready to start rolling (rolling, rolling) do little bits at a time, making sure to keep it pretty tight until you get it all rolled up. 

Cut with a sharp knife and serve with soy/wasabi or whatever else you like with your sushi. 

* to make it look like Cali add some cute little cucumber triangle ears!
** I  didn’t have any black seeds but they would make such a cute touch as the eyes and nose

Okay, it’s not perfect but for a first attempt and my clumsy hands I’m pretty proud of it :mrgreen:
Until the next post, 

Are and Pops. 

This was  a collaborative post but all recipe fails were my own 🙈
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