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Learn to walk – Baby Annabell 

Pops loves playing with ‘boy’ toys and running round like the flash but when it comes to dolls she is the kindest and loving little girl. She has her Elsa, Anna and Belle but this is the first hard doll that is most like a baby, the way it moves, looks and sounds. 

This is the Baby Annabell – Learn to walk  doll and it’s recommend from 3+ it has a really hard body and limbs that move (to allow it to go from crawling to walking positions)  

The doll itself doesn’t come with batteries so before you start make sure you have a screwdriver and 4 x AA batteries to hand…and some patience to open all the wires.

You turn the little switch on at the side and it automatically starts making baby noises which pops found a little strange at first as she’s never had a doll that makes baby noises but soon started loving it and pretending she was real. 
I positioned the doll on all fours and it started to crawl around with pops following ( although the doll got a bit stuck on the carpet a few times) . It was so cute! Getting the doll to start walking was a little bit harder… maybe it’s the same as getting a baby to walk and you have to have a few falls first 🙈

The doll is lots of fun and I love that it has more than one use as she loved rocking her like a baby and following the crawling and trying the get her to walk (which I’m sure will get easier the more she plays with it) I would say it’s better for more grown up toddlers because even though you can rock her like a baby the hard body isn’t very comfortable. 
Baby Annabell comes with a cute little baby grow and hat, because of the way she moves and crawls I’m not sure she can wear the other Baby Annabell accessories but if you have them it’s definitely worth trying!

The doll retails at £49.99 so is on the more expensive side but with the different things it does I think it’s something that will keep your little ones attention for a while.

Until the next post, 

Are and Pops. 

We were sent the doll to review but all opinions are our own. 


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