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Potty training update- My Carry Potty. GIVEAWAY!

​I’ve mentioned our potty training ‘adventure’ a couple of times in previous posts (here and here)  but we’d never braved the outside, that is until we got our hands on a My Carry Potty  if you’ve not seen or heard of one of these ( where have you been?) It’s a cute little potty with its own lid and carry handle. 

The MCP comes in 6 different styles ( 3 colours and 3 characters ) and also has a lock on it to stop any unwanted leaks and spills. 

We’ve taken the MCP out with us over the past few weeks and although shes been using it at home for a while she hadn’t done anything apart from just sit on it while we were out, that is until our trip to London

I always ask her to have a try but never really expect much so when she sat on the potty and did a wee (while the train was moving) I was over the moon! 
The My Carry Potty is so handy for awkward moments like that, on a train with a pram and bags and not being able to take her to the toilet without leaving all our things, the added extra of having a lid that locks so I can worry about disposing it later when I’ve got a chance is so great (just don’t forget it’s full and open it upside down 😂) 

I will admit the potty is pretty bulky and it takes up almost all of our stroller basket (which isn’t the smallest) and when it’s over the pram handle I tend to knock people with it, the bulk also makes pouring the wee (and other things) a bit tricky sometimes too. 

I feel like the convenience way out weighs those though!

The My Carry Potty is great for smaller kids that have just started potty training and may not feel comfortable on a big toilet, I felt with pops that even on seat adapters she would be really nervous on a toilet and if there was any tiny movement of the adapter she would be too scared to go on it for a while so being able to give her the MCP option was great. 

Have you started potty training, or are you thinking about starting soon? 
Have you always wanted a My Carry Potty?

 They’ve generously given one for us to give away to one of our amazing readers! 



UK only

One prize, one winner

Prize supplied by company

Until the next post, 

Are and Pops. 

We were sent a potty for the purpose of this review but all opinions are our own. 


89 thoughts on “Potty training update- My Carry Potty. GIVEAWAY!

  1. I like the bee design. This is a fab idea, so ideal for when you are out and about. my top tip is to wait until your child is ready and not rush them into anything, they will do it in their own time.


  2. I would love the Ladybird, just because I like the colours, my best tip really is just to keep trying, at the end of the day they will do it when they are ready, but do keep trying as these days they don’t like them in nursery school if they are still in nappies .x


  3. I would choose the Ladybird for our little girl who we are about to potty train. My advice would be have lots of patience, your child will get there in the end.


  4. It would be the Bumblebee for us. So cute. My tip is to have the potty ready at home and talk about it casually, letting your toddler know it’s ready to use when he or she is ready to try.


  5. The lady bird. My baby has just turned one so want to start potty training in next few months. Her big sister hated nappies and was off her day time nappies at 13 months and nights at 17 months


  6. I love the bumblebee potty. This would be ideal for visits to granny too! My advice is to be patient and to praise your child as much as possible to make learning to use the potty a positive thing not a chore xx


  7. My little boy would love the bumble bee design. We had a bee cake smash for his 1st birthday last year and he loved the bees l..could of just been the cake though haha


  8. The bumblebee is cute.
    I’m starting to potty train my son gradually. He tells me when he has filled his nappy and having a full nappy bothers him so that’s one of the first signs they are ready. He’s only 18 months so I’m not going to rush him x


  9. I’d choose the ladybird! It would be great for my daughter who’s just potty training but still goes out with a pull up on as she’s not quite ready yet so this would be very helpful!


  10. I’d chose the Bee – so cheerful! My top tips are be patient. My boy was 4 yesterday and I’ve been potty training on and off for well over a year – so far unsuccessfully! I’ve learned to accept that everyone does things at different times and he has the character which doesn’t go hand in hand with using the potty / toilet! That said, he doesn’t have a portable potty so that could be an idea, I’ve tried everything else!


    1. Keep at it, I’m sure you’re doing all you can and like you said kids are all different and some don’t take to it as quickly or easy as others. Have you tried stickers and rewards? My sister in law is letting my nephew stick a sticker on his potty everytime he does one which is easier and costs less than reward charts etc. X


  11. The bumblebee one is our favourite. Potty training tips, hmm. Let your little one get used to the potty gradually – some children might not quite be ready so don’t worry if you have to wait a few months before trying again


  12. I’d like the ladybird design for my little girl. We haven’t started potty training yet but we have a potty sitting out so she’s used to it when the time comes


  13. id love the cow one for my little boy whos 2 and a half and trying to potty train at the minute id say my tip is leave him to himself to do his buisness but just stand outside the bathroom door 🙂


  14. I love the Ladybird Potty, my daughter loves little ladybirds, she calls them laillybugs! We haven’t started potty training yet, but the time is getting very close and this would be so perfect!


  15. I like the ladybird potty the best. I find lots of encouragement and praise works well. Stickers, pocket money and sweet treats were all great for praising and encouraging x


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