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Safesip review and giveaway

Pops is pretty good with drinks, at meal times she tends to have a normal cup like mummy and daddy and loves to have tea (warm milk)  in her little tea cup but although she’s good at drinking from them she doesn’t watch when she’s walking and loves to attempt to climb the sofa holding the cup… which almost always ends up with drink everywhere.

These little silicone lids/covers are not only great for little ones, they can be great for elderly people too. Check out the Safe Sip website for more info and a great little video.

When I open the packet and pulled out the lids they were so soft and flexible and smelt like play dough (which was very pleasant)  it’s hard to believe these will hold liquid in and I had to put it straight to the test!

The packet says it fits most cups so I just grabbed the first one I could see and tried it and it worked great. There’s a little section on the top that allows a straw to fit through. It keeps the straw in place too which I liked, pops usually plays with them so it was a bonus knowing she couldn’t.

I wanted to make sure I tested it properly before risking it in pops hands so I turned it over and started shaking it (over the sink just in case) and it was fine. I don’t recommend doing that though… I just wanted to test it 😉

One thing I found was that if the lid is wet it’s really difficult to fit onto the cup so make sure you dry it first, which I’m sure most people would haha.

I was really pleased with how it works and loved testing it on different cups but make sure you test the fit before you use it (It fits most but you don’t wanna risk it not fitting the one you go to use) so you get the best experience you can.

I would definitely recommend it for children who can’t yet hold a cup without spilling (but must use a proper cup) and for people in general that want the independence of using a cup but for whatever reason may not be able to.

Prices are from £4, they are reusable and are dishwasher/freezer/microwave safe. BP free and made in Britain!

Want to try some for yourself? We’ve got a pack to giveaway!

UK only

One winner

Prize sent direct from company.

enter giveaway here!

We were sent a pack to review but all opinions are our own!

Until the next post,

Are and Pops.


28 thoughts on “Safesip review and giveaway

  1. Hi thanking you for a great chance good luck would be marvellous to use just for me cos forever spill drinks and my sister could use them to there just grand


  2. These look great for my little girl as she thinks its funny when she tips over her cup so this would be perfect to stop me having to keep cleaning up after her


  3. I would be using them all day everyday, They are cute bright colours and perfect for my 2 year old and her clumsy mummy!! In fact would have them for home and 1 for the grandparents houses plus 1 in the car and in the changing bag for our holiday in 2 weeks time! Such a simple but fab invention, From a thankful mummy (I could kiss you, love it!)


  4. My son loves having a glass but (from experience) he is quite likely to knock it over, this is not great if you are out/at someone else’s house. I would keep one of these in my bag ready to use 😀


  5. I’d use them for my 19 month old daughter, she is forever wanting to drink out of my cup. This would be fab, great idea. Thanks 🙂


  6. Safesip seems like a great product, versatile. I would make use of them for children in family, and try them out with elderly friends and relatives. I have found that some people with age and sometimes arthritis come to have difficulty in regards to risk of spillages. They are keen to retain independence and feel part of group etc i.e. not keen to be seen using a beaker or similar.


  7. These would be great for my son who can get excited when he drinks and misjudge how much is in his cup. This would help him a great deal 🙂


  8. These would be perfect for my 13 month old son as he wants to be like his big sister drinking out of big boy cups but hasn’t got a clue how to hold a cup without spelling the contents everywhere!!!


  9. My little girls just turned 1 and is adamant she wants to use big cups, this would be ideal for us, she makes such a mess(especially trying to drink milk)!


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