When you travel unprepared.

We could have a year’s notice and still leave the house completely unprepared, actually if it’s just me and pops I’m usually fine if not over prepared add MM into the mix and we’re falling over our feet with things we’ve forgot. (Not sure that analogy works? I’m terrible with analogies in case you didn’t know)


A longleat monkey broke our wing mirror awhile back

We’re now heading to the third place to buy a pair of black shoes for pops because the ones we bought were a bit snug. It’s pouring down,were both soaked from running to and from the car and so begins our (at least) four hour journey.


About an hour in (still no shoes) and a couple of arguments discussions later were calmer and just enjoying the journey, pleasantly surprised to hear Matt Edmondson on the radio (he’s usually a weekender) and discussing the EU referendum. What more could you want – apart from a coffee.


An hour to go (until the sainsburys we need to pop into for shoes) wishing we brought snacks. England won the match, he’s happy…I was hoping Wales would win seeing as we now live in Wales but I guess he’s happy because he would have got stick at work if England lost.

I love the way these wipers go. Our old car had boring ‘normal’ ones and I always envied people with these cool ones.

We’ve arrived to our final destination…


Good night sleep guaranteed – can’t wait.

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.


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