Potty training update – not good.


We had an absolute nightmare when we went on holiday. We went from an almost completely potty trained pops to basically the opposite once we got home.

If I can give any advice with potty training it would be to keep consistent and don’t go on holiday while you’re doing it!

The past month we’ve struggled with deciding what to do and although pops  has used the potty the majority is accidents with a few potty moments where before it was the other way round.  I don’t want to pressure pops but it’s so frustrating when she was doing it before… that’s most annoying part. 

We know she can so why isn’t she?

We decided to give her a little break and wear the pull ups more throughout the day but we’ve made sure to keep asking if she needs the potty, making sure to keep it close and a big part of normal life. We were sent a my carry potty (review coming soon) and we’ve been taking that out with us and have had some success with that (I think it’s because it’s so cute) so we will see how it goes.

Has this ever happened to your little one?
I’d love some advice/tips/tricks if you’ve got any!

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.


7 thoughts on “Potty training update – not good.

  1. How does she feel about being wet? I babysit and I think all of “my kids” were potty trained at 3. I would put in in panties and take them every hour for a bit and then start waiting longer until they got it. Most of them didn’t like being wet, and one of them was done (to the point of telling me when she had to go) in like 2 days . Another didn’t mind being we wet so when I got tired of sticking him in the tub to clean I stood him in the bathroom skin, he didn’t like it enough to start taking him self to the bathroom, and hadn’t had any accidents since.
    You seem to know what it takes, patience and consistency…It’s definitely not something to stress too much over.



    1. She doesn’t seem to really care when she’s wet in a nappy but I’ve not really tried with knickers on so I may try it that way next. I think the next completely free weekend we get will be the best time to try so we can just stay home and focus on it. Thanks for the tips! 🙂

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  2. I don’t miss these days at all! My eldest was over three when she was finally potty trained, one day she was just ready and did it all by herself. A previous attempt about half a year earlier ended up with her on laxatives. Very stressful!

    We just left a potty in the lounge, encouraged no underwear around the house and let nature take its course with plenty of encouragement! Good luck!


  3. Yes, this has happened to me with my daughter. My advice would be do not give up! The pull up during the day is a good idea and to keep reminding her about the potty/asking if she needs to go. Even if she sits on it and doesn’t do anything! I slowly weened my daughter into ‘Big Girl’ underwear, I even let her pick which underwear she wanted which REALLY helped. Good luck xx


  4. First I would get rid of the Pull Ups and go to cloth training pants. I second Johnnielynn’s observations a fair number of children don’t like being soiled. Pull Ups are too comfortable so there is no incentive. Nasty pants are. You might also need plastic covers, so the house gets protected. Be persistent and you can be a little pushy if they have had some earlier success.


  5. I only used the pull up pants if going on a long car journey or at night otherwise just had pants on so as soon as they wet them you know and gradually they get the hang of it. Some kids are quicker than others so it is best not to get stressed and stick to a routine and ask regularly if need to go.


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