Defending your child. A bit of a rant.

What would you do if you were told that your child was a bully? That’s the situation I was faced with today.


It all started with a pram. Pops was playing with a pram and all of a sudden a boy and girl ran over and snatched it. I told them it wasn’t nice and she was playing and showed them that there were more but the little boy told me that pops had taken it from them (which I hadn’t seen) so I told pops that it wasn’t nice and to give it back and use the other one (which she did) then she wanted to play with the kitchen and table area but the same boy and girl had decided it was there’s for the day and wouldn’t let other kids play. I went over and asked if we could all play and they let us join (reluctantly) time went on and all of a sudden pops is running around screaming… that boy was chasing her. She seemed scared but I wasn’t sure if she was playing so I left her to it for a while but he was persistent so I told him to give pops a time out as she wasn’t happy and didn’t like it.. He ignored me and continued… He then grabbed her shoulder and she bit his hand.
told her off and we went over to say sorry to him and I thought all was done.


I overheard the little boys gran telling him that he should shove her over, I wasn’t happy to hear someone tell a child that and especially as it was directed at my little girl. I went over and explained that although pops was in the wrong and has been told off she reacted to him terrorising her for a while to which she added no its her, I’ve seen her all morning… She’s a BULLY.

I was gobsmacked.

I thought maybe she doesn’t know I’m her mum and she’s having a rant? Nope, she knew she was mine and still continued to tell me how she was a bully.

I explained about her grandson chasing pops today and terrorising her pretty much every single week we’ve been and how although she reacted badly (and again was told off) she reacted for a reason. She was having none of it. Luckily a lady by us had seen him (because she was actually keeping an eye on her child) and told her… that quickly shut her up.

I walked away.

It didn’t end for her though as I saw her snickering away with other people, eyes on pops all the while (Maybe if those eyes were on her grandson?) I remained the bigger person and ignored it.

I’ve never been so glad of a half term – no group and a week I don’t have to see her!

Pops is no angel but she’s a toddler and still learning how to share, like every child in that group she took something off someone at one point and I for one don’t think that makes her a BULLY.

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.


6 thoughts on “Defending your child. A bit of a rant.

  1. Oh dear …. sounds like a stressful situation. It must be hard when other parents refuse to believe that their child is in the wrong. Enjoy your half term xx


  2. I think some people – especially older ones – just forget that toddlers are still learning and not capable of the same thought processes as adults. But she didn’t need to be so obnoxious about it!


  3. I don’t think toddlers can really even be a bully until they understand the concept. They are still learning right from wrong and I think bully is a harsh word to use. It sounds like this little boy could do no wrong in that grans eyes. I definetly would have told the lady that I don’t think Bully is the right word to use, and ask her how she would like it if someone said that about her grandson. Though im sure her smug reply would be “oh my grandson could never be a bully” *rolls eyes*


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