Mental health awareness – how we spent our Saturday.

A few weeks ago (roughly) I saw a free screening of Inside Out advertised in Cardiff and thought it would be a nice little day out and being free always helps. It was run by the national center of mental health and is to create more awareness of mental health and the stigma around it.

The film was only part of the session, when we got there we were greeted by some friendly faces who explained why they were doing it and handed out some little free things


Brain shaped stress toys- amazing!


They had refreshments on the table next to them which were also free, some popcorn in cute bags and squash.


Before the film we spent some time going round playing different types of brain games, they had colouring too which pops enjoyed (that and running round the big open room)




Pops sat and watched the first half of the film, ate her popcorn and then wanted to run around for a while. We’ve seen the film before so wasn’t too bothered about missing some.


I had a talk with some of the organisers while pops was running around and it was so useful. I’ve been concerned about pops and her biting/anger and although they couldn’t tell me anything specific it was just nice to talk about my concerns. They did say it may get better when she starts going to school/nursery as most kids do, so we’ll see.

The day went from just for the sake of a free film to a really enjoyable, interesting and useful day- I like days like that!

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.


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