Lush for little ones.

I may very well have been under a rock for how ever many years but I didn’t know lush did things for kids! (Well, one thing?)

Pops and I went into cardiff last week to meet my big sister and beaut of a nephew, we got there pretty early and pops had fallen asleep so I decided to have a mooch in lush to kill some time.


They’re a cute little blue robot, I was surprised they didn’t have a girly version seeing as most of their other items are girly but I think I like that.

The lovely girl in the shop showed me how it fizzed and got me to feel the water and it was so silky! Knowing that avey was visiting and he and pops could share a bath I thought it would be a lovely little treat for them.

I started to run the bath as normal and placed the little robot in and he instantly started fizzing and turning the water a lovely milky blue colour


I wish I would have saved placing it in for when pops and avey were in the bath so they could see it fizz!
The water felt so nice and smelt amazing, the kids skin felt lovely after and pops didn’t have any reaction so I’ll definitely buy her one again.

The ikkle baby bot contains lavender and camomile oils so it makes it so relaxing and soft. You can find the other ingredients on their website.

Although it’s a ‘baby’ product I think it would suit any age! It’s £1.95 so a fair bit cheaper then some of their other bath bombs.

What’s your favourite lush product? Have you seen other baby safe bath bombs anywhere? We’d love to know so leave us a comment 🙂

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.


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