Carboot sale, DIY and cleaning.

What else are bank holiday weekends there for?


I absolutely love going to car boot sales, having a mooch and getting a bargain… This one was different though, I was a seller. I haven’t sold at the carboot for years, since I was little and then it wasn’t really me selling I was just tagging along with my mum.

A wake up call of 5am (pops was already awake but in the room with my sister who was visiting) mad dash round to get ready, sort pops out and pack the last few bits up and we headed out.

This was the view where our car boot sale is held. It’s amazing on a sunny day, which this day was not it was freezing!


Before we had even got things out the buyers had started having a nose… sold an iron after about 5 minutes (we should have held out and asked for more) made our pitch fee after about an hour (£8 fee) and then it was pure profit from there. It started raining around 11.30 so everyone packed up and left. There was a carvery near by so we went and had lunch and tried to kill time as the car boot sale do a raffle in the club house (we didn’t win) such a good day and got rid of some bits and made money! We will be definitely doing another one soon.


What’s the best thing you’ve bought at a car boot sale?
Have you ever sold at one and was surprised at what sold and what didn’t?

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.


20 thoughts on “Carboot sale, DIY and cleaning.

  1. We headed out to a car boot this morning as a buyer but the queues to get in were a nightmare, even the local radio was putting out warnings, so we turned around and went home, but planning on going again next week.


  2. I love going to carboots and actually doing them too! I really want to go through all my junk and maybe do one this year! There’s a brilliant one quite close by! When I was younger I used to be a massive doctor who fan and had all the magazines. I then somehow managed to sell them all to a guy at the carboot for about £10, it was great!


  3. I love car boot sales. The best thing I think I ever got was a guitar for only £12. Still have it too, my husband’s restored it and it’s good as new!


  4. We’ve done quite a few car boot sales, mainly to make money for going on holiday. We have never taken anything home with us (except cash!), which I am quite proud of 🙂


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