Toddler speak.


I’ve been so concerned this past week that pops doesn’t know enough words, simple words even… like car and dog. I would list the words she did know and it just didn’t seem enough… what Is enough for a toddler? I’ve found myself comparing her to other kids in her group and I hate that. I’ve watched as parents compare theirs to pops and how mean it is and I can’t believe I’m now doing it.

I think we all compare to some extent but most of the time it’s in a good way, just to reassure were on the right track but this time I was comparing in a negative way.

I’m blown away some days by how much pops knows, I’ll say something not actually expecting her to understand (normally about tidying the toys up) and she will actually start doing it.

This morning pops went over to the radiator and said ‘dot’ it was only when MM said yes its hot I realised what she was saying and that made me wonder.. how many words do I miss a day because either I’m not listening, didn’t hear or just don’t understand them as the word she actually means?

I think I’d better stop listing and start listening.

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.


14 thoughts on “Toddler speak.

  1. My nephew couldn’t say “Amy” until at least 3-4 and it always sounding like mushroom (I don’t know how) it was so odd! kept us laughing for a while though 🙂


  2. Comparing your tots is very natural and a good way to check that everything is as it should be but some kids are just late bloomers so one shouldn’t overly stress; remember the hare and the tortoise!


  3. Aww it is so easy to say but no don’t compare, we all progress at different rates, but I think it is so hard as we are almost programmed in some ways by the people around us that milestones should be reached at certain stages.


    1. Pops has started saying hot now but Im from East London and she’s saying ‘ot. Every time I say it to her I sat Hot… no doubt I said ‘ot once and that’s what she’s going with haha


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