Crazy cafe Game review and giveaway


Did you ever try to pull a table cloth from under a selection of plates and cups thinking you were a magician? (Just me?)

This game is based on that. It comes with a number of ‘crockery’ (is that the right word?) A spinner, tablecloth and the table is actually the bottom half of the box (which at first i thought was cool)



The instructions have a detailed how to play and also quick rules which I thought was definitely enough as the games pretty simple to play (although we were all adults so not sure for kids)


Pops is too young to play this game so when the in laws came round we thought it was the best time to get the game out and play.


We took turns spinning the spinner and loading up our dishes and when MM landed on PULL we were all pretty excited (were so cool) annnnnd….. They fell. No win. Mwahaha. We kept going and I got the first clean pull (there was only one plate on the table at the time but it totally still counts)


We decided to put the table/box on top of pops piano for a bit of height (by this point we were all very competitive and I was the only one with a point)


We kept going but was getting nowhere and notices the box had a dent in from delivery and think that was really effecting the pull and balance so just used the piano with table cloth on (I forgot to take pictures of that…too into winning!)

MM and I were 1-1 and because it had taken us so long decided on a sudden death…which…. I WON!

Sadly there was no trophy.

Overall I thought the game was quirky and fun and it’s a shame or box was dented (it may have just been that we were rubbish) but when we play again we will use a different service from the beginning.

Do you like the idea and look of the game? Tatic games have been nice enough to let me give one away!!


Until the next post,
Are and Pops.

We were sent the game to review but all the opinions I’ve given have been my own!


56 thoughts on “Crazy cafe Game review and giveaway

  1. there is only me and my little girl,my son moved out and he not competitive at all and she is only 3 so yet to find out haha


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