Another emotional Tuesday.


Tuesdays are starting to become my most dreaded day of the week. Every baby group session for the last month? (Maybe more) we’ve had a incident where pops has tried to hurt another child.

It’s getting too much.

After a few near misses I’d had enough and decided to leave, the girls could tell I was upset and tried to reassure me it was normal and not to get upset over it… that instantly made me burst into tears!  i hate crying in front of people

It’s so hard being the parent of a child that does things like this because you know 90% of the time they’re lovely and you don’t want that 10% to be a reason for them to be excluded or feared.

I feel like a failure. I feel like something i do or have done has made her like this and I feel overwhelmed and unsure how to stop it. I wish so much I had a mother I could ask for support and help.

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.


2 thoughts on “Another emotional Tuesday.

  1. My youngest has gone through that phase (I hope it’s past tense anyway but who knows…). He seemed to see it as a science experiment half the time – how hard do I have to push to knock them over and other times it was the only solution he could come up with. I think it’s common but I know exactly what you mean, I was mortified. But don’t be, most mums get it I think!


  2. I know a few toddlers who are like that – scraping and biting. They all grew out of it after a few months.
    At creche my eldest got bitten a few times and then that child grew out of biting and my son grew into it, thankfully short-lived.
    Try not to worry. If you give the child too much attention after the incident, they could see that as a positive thing – I hit, mummy spends time with me, even if only to reprimand.


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