Early to bed, early to wake

Pops hasn’t got the most structured bedtime routine but she tends to go to bed around 6.30-7 and she (on a good night) will wake up around 5/6 which is a good long sleep but SO early!!

The last couple of days I’ve tried putting her down later in the hopes she’ll wake up later… its almost the opposite. She’s been waking up at 3AM!


Have you ever tried to change your little ones sleep routine or have any tips? I’m hoping she will just start sleeping longer as she gets older!

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.


15 thoughts on “Early to bed, early to wake

  1. I am kind of on the same boat! Have 9 months old, who goes to sleep at 7-7.30pm. I love my long, peaceful evenings. BUT… He often wakes up at 4-5am and stays up for abou 2 hours or so! I am turning into zombie………………….


    1. It’s so hard to choose isn’t it!! I get 2 hours (if all goes well) from when she goes down till the other half gets home and in that time I can cook our dinner if I’ve not had time/clean or most importantly watch TV and relax 😉 … but those early mornings 😢


  2. I have a little one on the way, she’s due in July. So I’m guessing I won’t be able to have a proper nights sleep for a long time! making the most of it while I can!


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