Biting baby!

The news about toddlers being expelled from pre schools has hit home with me because pops is a biter.

Pops is such a loving, Kind and gentle little girl but I find that she gets so frustrated sometimes and I can see that shes angry and lashes out which can mean waving her arms around biting herself, me or other children and it breaks my heart. (A lot less lately but any amount is too many)

I can’t even put in to words how upset I get everytime I see how frustrated she gets sometimes. I sit down next to her and try to relax her and calm her down and I’m desperately hoping that it’s just a faze that she will grow out of!

I hate seeing the comments saying that parents should teach their kids right from wrong and I feel like a failure because of it. I’ve never let pops think it’s something that is okay in any way and she gets told off and I explain why she’s in trouble too. If that’s not doing enough feel free to tell me a better way to stop her doing it. I’m all ears.

Have you got a toddler that bites Or did bite? What tips to do you have?

I would love to hear your comments on this topic as a parent with a biter or as a parent who’s child has been bitten, let me know below.

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.


6 thoughts on “Biting baby!

    1. It’s such a hard subject and I know before I had a baby I would have thought it was the parents though… sometimes it is! But in most cases the mum of the biter is more upset then the one whose been bit. Well, I am! I make her sound like an animal going round biting everyone haha its only ever happened a couple of times 🙈


  1. I was apparently a biter as a child! But otherwise, I was pretty well behaved – I think it’s a way to express frustration when you’re too young to find the words. I was definitely told off when I did it, but I think it’s a thing that does happen naturally with a lot of children and definitely shouldn’t lead to expulsion!


    1. It’s hard really because I do feel for the mums whose kids are being bitten because it’s WRONG! but I wonder if they realise that the mum of the biter is most probably mortified and more upset then them. :/


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