Home ‘hack’

Have you seen the  Betta Living competition? I’ve always love the idea of upcycling and now with a little one I find myself looking at things and wondering how I can use that to make something child friendly. I found a really nice large white  framed picture in the charity shop and instantly thought of a big chalk board.


I’m not a fan of the stickers for the walls or even painting a section of wall because I wouldn’t want pops thinking that drawing on the wall is okay.

It’s so easy to make a chalkboard at home, all you need is an old frame or piece of wood… anything really and chalkboard paint (which is fairly cheap sold in most diy stores and comes in different colours)

You can even make your own 
8 parts paint- choose your preferred colour to 1 part unsanded grout…I’ll let you work those measurements out yourself 😉
(I’m not sure how effective and good they are though… I just bought mine)


It’s going to take me a while because I didn’t prime it first so I recommend priming it if you’ve got a primer laying around mainly because it means you’ll use less of your chalkboard paint and because you won’t need as many layers.
I’ve had to call a time out on this project because a certain little girl got hold of the paint and decided it was better on the floor and her belly (only myself to blame… and my mum as it was on her watch!) So ill have to go buy some more and get it done in time for summer.

I’d love to see or hear about your home ‘hacks’ or if you try this out yourself! Leave me a comment below.

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.


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