Crafty kids.

Does anyone have a toddler that isn’t really into drawing/painting/crafts of any kind?

I have such hopes for pops and ill go out and buy things but 2 minutes in and she’s bored and starts being cheeky (nice way of saying naughty?) Maybe it’s because we’ve not done it enough? I find the children I know who go to nursery are way more into it and actually sit and join in and I assume they do it alot at nursery so maybe that’s why?!


We actually managed to paint some eggs (well, 2) over easter 🐣 but that also meant she was covered and the sofa was too… eek!

I want to organise more crafty sessions with pops, do you and your little one craft alot? How do you get them involved and interested?

Maybe I’m just being hard on her and it’s common?

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.


9 thoughts on “Crafty kids.

  1. My little one is 2 and he would much rather go bug hunting than paint or draw, he loses concentration too. Or gets frustrated quickly. Maybe it’s just a phase but I do worry sometimes too xx


  2. I’m always way more into crafty stuff than my kids, I spend longer setting it up and thinking about it than we spend actually doing it, my 6.5 year old is like ‘ yay craft/painting/whatever’ then I kid you not, 5 mins later he’s like, ‘and I’m done…what’s on tv? Look at this really interesting thing over here…’


  3. I think it just depends on the child tbh. Strangely it is something we were talking about with FIL the other day. My 2 year old has loved drawing and colouring since she could hold a crayon and if all she had was a pen and paper she would be a happy happy girl. I have never told her to do it and she doesn’t go to nursery, she just enjoys it whereas my newphews and nieces have zero interest in drawing or colouring and never had (they are 7, 5 and 1).


  4. The messier it gets, the more interested the kids are!! My little one asks to paint but is more interested in painting herself than the paper – it’ll get better (I hope) as they grow. Keep getting crafty and she’ll get more interested xXx


  5. She is only small and in my experience most little ones at that age aren’t that bothered by crafting. I worked in a nursery and let me tell you the crafts that are done have ALOT of input from the staff, mostly the kids don’t do that much of it . ,y big boys are 3 and 5 and love crafting, we do lots of it now x


  6. my 4 1/2 year old is much the same, if he is in the mood then he loves drawing/painting etc if not then just forget it! i would say don’t push it just be ready if/when she wants to do arts&crafts


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